Adtoniq delivers ad block remediation technology and services to premium digital media companies. Backlash against online advertising has reached a tipping point and millions of people are turning to ad blockers resulting in billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Adtoniq Recovers Lost Revenue

What is AdtonIQ?

AdtonIQ connects premium publishers to their blocked audience to securely and reliably deliver ad-remediation choices. AdtonIQ enables our customers to address and navigate the complex business of the blocked web.

Who uses AdtonIQ?

Publishers that are impacted by ad blocking today and the ones that are planning for the future of a blocked web.

Why use AdtonIQ?

AdtonIQ’s cloud-based applications provide unprecedented technology to detect, measure, and provide publishers with comprehensive remediation options that cannot be defeated by ad blocking technology, resulting in upwards of 100% recovery of blocked revenue.

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Our Technology

AdtonIQ licenses technology and provides services that minimize or eliminate the impact of ad blocking on digital media companies across mobile and desktop. This returns control back to publishers and allows them to recover up to 100% of ad blocked revenue, while providing choices and better user experiences to consumers. We do this on a massive scale; it’s a fairly seamless integration with minimal impact to a publisher’s workflows and operations.

AdtonIQ advocates for sustainable advertising and supports the IAB’s LEAN – Light, Encrypted, Ad-Choice Supported, Non-Invasive and DEAL – Detect, Explain, Ask, Lift/Limit- Principles.

Are you accurately detecting and measuring ad blocking?

ROI Calculator

The ROI calculator allows you to understand the impact ad blocking is having on your business and the return on investment that can be achieved using AdtonIQ. You put in a few simple values that reflect you circumstances and the calculator does the rest.

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